What is the risk that needs taking?

hombreHi all,

“What is the risk that needs taking?” My brother posted this the other day and it has had me thinking. I am finally taking some of the risks I should have taken years ago.

Launching a website has not been that hard. Creating and selling products has not been that hard. Have I made a million dollars? No, but I have sold several products that people are happy with and there is my start. Truth be told I have sold more than 100% of the people who just talk about starting their own business! Had I started years ago I could be at a million dollars by now though that is not my goal. I just am looking to create things that I and others will love and maybe be blessed enough to make enough money to live a life free from fear of losing a job. This journey of creation has been great so far and I am just starting :).

Your Hombre (sorry no D’s out different hombre),


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