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Keep It Simple

Why Keeping It Simple Matters

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Does your product meet the simple KISS metric? KISS or Keep It Simple Stupid just seems so "common sense" right?  Well I have seen time and time again where kiss sometimes gets lost in perception usually the creators :).  No matter how simple you "think" you communicate something unless you are talking to a potential customer and getting feedback you could be fooling yourself.  In some of my product offerings I list in detail exactly what you will get, but yet I still get questions.  Does it come with a "x"?  Does it come with a "y"?  I could just think to myself "why can't they just read the product description?", this is the path to failure my friends.  Take note of what they are asking about, add it to your product or sell it as an option and simplify/clarify your product offering.  Be happy that of the billions of webpages and products on the web they are looking at yours!  If you can make one person love your product you can make a thousand do the same.


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