October 21, 2016

Free Resources

Lets start with some links to great free resources!

  1. http://fourhourworkweek.com/blog/  – To fully engage in any new endeavor you must first start to master yourself.  Tim has great information on accelerated learning, diet and personal growth.
  2.  http://trello.com/ -You need this, very easy and free visual management tool that links to everything.  A cloud based app that you can bring up on any device
  3. Simple Gantt Charts – Timeline management tools for those with:
    • Excel simple-excel-gantt-chart
    • MS Project
    • Open Source Platforms (OpenOffice, Google Sheets) Coming soon, I am refining these and these should be up by next week.
  4. Critical Check lists – The todo’s to get things done.  Coming soon