November 15, 2016


It starts with Pi's...

Who would have thought with all of the things that I tried to think of that I random idea has started my business.  I say"started" because unless you make a sale you just aren't in business.  I realized this when I saw the first order come through, it was surreal.  This internet business thing could work!  People are giving me money for something I made and really loving what they get.

My goal is to make a dent in this little universe.  Will it be selling pi's?  No but its a start and it brings the dream to life.  All the books in the world don't prepare you for the feeling that you get when you sell your first product, that first idea someone is paying "you" for.  Its small now but I have realized the dream and its only going to get bigger.  Failures and successes alike.

Enough rhetoric.  Now the news.

Raspberry pi's loaded and Online Project and Product Management courses are the kick off.  The courses are taking forever to get done but they are going to be great with easy to use beautiful templates. These should be online by mid December.  I have a few other ideas that I am kicking around and starting to look towards moonshots!  I have a controller mod idea that I know at least myself and my kids are gonna love for shooter games.


Best regards,